Programme du 22 avril

Eagle Knight


Feature film

Coming of age story about 3 young friends who have to decide the road each lives will take. Pastor dreams on Flor’s love while Nacho gets seduced by crime.

I found you my grandfather Hasan...



Hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers died or ended up in Nazi captivity during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 80 years have passed since my paternal grandfather went missing in the terrible battles near Vyazma in 1941. None of us, his descendants, knew anything about him. I promised myself not only to find my grandfather, but also to come to his grave of my grandfather, whose blood flows in me, in my children and grandchildren.

La Prière



Les enfants, les jeunes et les personnes âgées, chacun prie à sa façon.C’est la prière simple et libre, qui continue depuis 1000 ans au Japon.




There is a sound echoing across the forest of Talamanca. It triggers the extraordinary in the ordinary universe of Justo, BriBri farmer, father and adventurer. It is the blow of the here and the now, the quintessence of what is alive that expands a story made by imaginative materialities enshrined amidst Earth’s liveliness and indigenous worldly epic. A film on the BriBri present in Talamanca, on its restless awakening and its companion wonders.

The Corner Store.


Short, comedy

A small convenience store on the outskirts of the city. Gala has been working here for years. For her all days are the same. Life is dull and uninteresting, but today she will get a visit from one very special customer...

This is story about kindness and humanity inside all of us...

The Space Between



Alexander Flood's sophomore album "The Space Between" is a hard-hitting, genre-defying conglomerate of creative composition and collaboration, featuring an all-star lineup of international artists including 6x GRAMMY nominee Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Vivian Sessoms, Nelson Dialect, and Zayn Mohammed amongst others. Leaning on dance music, tranced rhythms, improvisation, urban textures, and contemporary production, the music aims to expand and diversify our listening experiences, opening our ears to an immersive ecosystem of rhythms, instruments, and sounds spanning many different cultures and timelines across the globe.

This documentary takes a behind the scenes look into the making of the album, the concept, influences, and the artists involved.

Water. Thirst Time



Eternal water circulation. Thousand of years humanity used to live in harmony with this cycle. But in the 21th century it found itself on the threshold of global crisis. Kyrgyzstan — a land of glaciers, pure rivers and lakes - was one of the first countries in the world that faced water shortage. Local glaciers are melting, rivers are shallowing, and hundreds of villages do not have any access to pure water. Problems of the hole humanity are reflected here like in a drop of water.