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Recharging the present



Recharging the present


Could ecological agriculture and sustainable production and consumption be the driving forces of a profitable, communitarian and humanist economy?

Subbética Ecológica is an association of producers and consumers that has been working for more than a decade in the centre of Andalusia (Spain) for a model that promotes traditional vegetable gardens, dignifies peasant’s work, supports a short distribution channel and farmers’ direct sales, within the framework of the Economy of the Common Good.
Through a collective portrait and the confluence of numerous testimonies, this documentary, by NanoMundo productions, aims to give visibility to a model that is not only successful on the economical, ecological and food dimensions, but which also goes further in promoting ethical and social values that increasingly have an impact on its environment and community.


Director Biography - Inés Criado García, Nahuel Staudacher

Inés Criado and Nahuel Staudacher make up the multimedia production company NanoMundo, which combines journalism, communication, audiovisual and film work. The two have been working together since 2005, and in addition to Recharging The Present, they have made and participated in a feature film, a medium-length film, two documentary series for television and forty short films and promotional videos. They have participated in projects from various countries (Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Belgium) and currently have their editing desk in Andalusia (Spain). Director Statement
"It has been very exciting to be able to finish Recharging The Present after an arduous and long process. It has been a challenge to gather the voice of such a large group of people who are building a real alternative every day, fighting for food sovereignty in their territory", Inés Criado.


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