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Water. Thirst Time



Water. Thirst Time


Eternal water circulation. Thousand of years humanity used to live in harmony with this cycle. But in the 21th century it found itself on the threshold of global crisis. Kyrgyzstan — a land of glaciers, pure rivers and lakes - was one of the first countries in the world that faced water shortage. Local glaciers are melting, rivers are shallowing, and hundreds of villages do not have any access to pure water. Problems of the hole humanity are reflected here like in a drop of water.


"Eugeny Bezborodov Evgeny Bezborodov
documentary filmmaker and director

Selected filmography:
Constellation: Treasure of the Republic (2019)
New People of New Zealand (from Ancestors of Our Ancestors) (2019)
Swan Paradise (2018)
Pink tank (from the Memory cycle) (2018)
Black square. Search for Malevich (2017)
Arkaim. Country of Cities (from the series Ancestors of Our Ancestors) (2016)
Gray whales of Sakhalin (2016)
Zwinger. On the Trail of Dresden Masterpieces (2015)
Perm Territory (from the Geography Lessons cycle) (2015)
Seafood (from the cycle As it is) (2014)
Evgeny Petrov. Envelope from the next world (2014)

International Film Festival Green Screen-2019 - Grand Prix for the film ""Sweden 164"" (from the cycle of Memory)
International Film Festival Arctic Open 2019 - a special prize from the press of the North-West for the documentary series Memory"


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