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An Old Song

Short film



An Old Song

The 1930s in the Russian North. On a white summer night the peaceful life of a northern village is interfered by a stranger. His attention is drawn to a wandering old man who collects songs and tales. The stranger contacts a young village police officer and insists on arresting the wanderer. But later it turns out that the old man's grandfather used to sing songs to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin...

Very brief synopsis:
Russia, 1930s. The village's life is interfered by a stranger. He insists on arresting a wandering old man. But the old man's grandfather used to sing songs to the A.Pushkin...

Director Statement
The action of the film “An Old Song” takes place in the Northern region of the USSR in the 1930s, the period of the totalitarian regime and repression. But this motion picture is not about politics but about people and of how to remain a human no matter which side of the barricade you are on; so in the film the choice in favour of humanity is made by a person in authority, a young village police officer. This film about humanity, kindness, love and the sense of beauty.
The film is based on the short story “Lump Sugar” by K. G. Paustovsky and was sponsored via crowdfunding (the fundraising was supported by more than three hundred people).
The main part of the motion picture was filmed in a genuine remote Northern village, the characters sing Russian folk songs.


Director Biography - Elena Chach

Elena Chach was born in Omsk (Siberia, Russia) in 1986. She graduated from the History Department of Omsk State University (2008), the Mathematical Faculty of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (2010), the Graduate School of the Historical faculty of Saint Petersburg State University (2012, PhD) and High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors in 2018. She lives in Moscow and works on Russian Orthodox TV as the author of a program about history and culture since 2013. She participated in film festivals with her short student works; and her student non-fiction short film "Blagovest" became a winner in several film festivals in Russian Federation. The film “Staraya pesnya” ("An Old Song") is the first fiction short film by Elena Chach.

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