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7-year-old Chen Yang has been proud of his city manager father since he was a little boy. In his world, his father is his hero. However, a chance encounter with a durian vendor shattered his fantasy of his father. Have you ever at some point hated the person closest to you?


Director Manni Li
Director Statement
Nebula was born in Luoyang, Henan province. She settled in Shenzhen after she was three. From a young age, Nebula knows her life is combined with arts, she likes anything that is related to arts and creativity. Before Gaokao, her and her family even want to change her from science student to art student to get in the college. This plan was denied at last because it’s too risky. Luckily, Nebula got in an average university with her poor grades.
Among her many hobbies, drawing is most long-lasting one. However, she gave up drawing at last as her gave up guitar, Chinese zither, and piano. Now, her dream is to be a filmmaker. Her passion for films starts at middle high with a VIP card of a cinema that her parents gave her. Since then, Nebula started watching films every Friday after school. Gradually, she wants to be involved in the film industry, that’s why she ended up in CTV at UIC. She now is a year-three student. In the three years of study, her vision was broadened, as well as her ambition. After the short internship in Tencent, she deeply confirms that she doesn’t want to live like that. She decided to continue her film study in America to have a voice for her future career, even this costs her and her family a lot. She will continue chasing her dream.

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