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The Ribbon




The Ribbon

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.


Polla Kozino is an animation director and producer in Melbourne, Australia. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Polla started her career early on and had her first art exhibition at the age of eight. She got her BFA in Academy of Art University (San- Francisco) where she studied Animation and Visual Effects. She worked as a director and producer on many projects, such as "Coyote's Place", "Gyronaut" and many others. Most recently she worked in Laika Entertainment film, "Missing Link". In 2019 Polla co-founded a production company "Insomnia Production", where she and her team are currently working on various animation projects.

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