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Things to tell you before a tunnel

Short film



Things to tell you before a tunnel

Lía is 10 years old. She is going to lose her vision. She wears it naturally, because she is a girl. But her father is invaded by fear and she only thinks about what she will lose; he wants to prepare her for when she enters that dark tunnel. Director Statement
I hope that this short film inspires many people, children, young and old, to learn to look at life with different eyes.


Director Biography - Nacho ROS BERNAL

2014 "Cerrado por liquidación". Short film (co-dirección y guión)
2014 "Cuento del mar". Short film (dirección y guión)
2014 "Extraños". Short film (dirección y guión)
2018 "4'9". Short film (dirección y guión)
2020 "Sin mapa". Short film (dirección y guión)
2022 "Cosas que contarte antes de un túnel". Short film(dirección y guión)

Nacho Ros has received 10 international awards and more than 40 selections at festivals around the world

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