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Letters From Brno.



Letters From Brno.


"Letters From Brno"is a documentary that describes a powerful personal story of parental love and unspeakable tragedy. The story begins when I first learned that my mother was Jewish. She refused to speak about her past and I began searching for answers to the puzzle of what had happened to her, why didn't I have grandparents, and why was she incapable of talking about her family? The film uses interviews of myself, my siblings, and my son along with archival footage, photographs, documents and the letters from my grandparents during the years 1939-1941. My grandparents put my mother and her younger sister on a Kindertransport in 1939 from Prague to London. In 1942, my grandparents were murdered in a Nazi concentration camp. Their 75+ letters, written to my great-aunt who escaped Czechoslovakia and landed in America, are eye witness accounts of those 3 tragic years.


Jeffery L. Gary is an award winning director and cinematographer primarily focused on documentary films. Mr. Gary is a graduate of the USC School of Cinema and Television. His love of film and all things visual was developed at an early age while growing up as the 8th of 13 children In Birmingham Alabama.

He was Director of Photography on the award winning documentary short "Drawn Together" and Director/DP/Editor on the award winning documentary short "Creating Beauty".

In addition to "Letters From Brno", Mr. Gary is currently serving as Executive Producer on several upcoming films, including the feature film "Seven Lost" and the animated short film, "Fast Forward To Forever".
Past films as Director of Photography include:
"The Odd Couple"
And as Executive Producer:
"Seven Lost" directed by Eduardo Castrillo
"Speak Ya Peace", directed by Clarence Williams IV
Animated Short "Fast Forward to Forever", directed by Dykan Martin
Mr. Gary has also directed a number of music videos, commercials and corporate video projects.

Letters From Brno.